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Why We’re Better

Locally Owned & Operated

We are locally and independently owned and operated.  We are intimately familiar with the unique criminal trends that plague each area differently and base our recommendations on the most recent home burglaries, home invasions and thefts, to include what criminals look for and how they try to enter your home.

Locally owned also means ALL revenue generated by our service STAYS LOCAL, then gets reinvested right back into our own local economy.  This is in frightening contrast to the average national and international corporations of an embarrassing 14% of revenue recycled back into our local economy.  Help build a better Arizona each day.  Buy Local.

Former Law Enforcement-Owned

The Founder had the privilege and honor of working as a Police Officer with the City of Phoenix for some years.  Armed with the life-saving and locally relevant knowledge of each community and the specific vulnerabilities that families are exposed to, we are uniquely qualified to evaluate the individual needs of each home and family.  We aren’t in the business of over-selling and pressuring our clients into more than they need.  We offer each customer a variety of options, custom tailored to their unique needs, wants and budget.

As a former Police Officer, the Founder has seen the worst of the worst related to home, family and life safety.  We have a passion for providing products which offer a blanket of safety, awareness and protection from burglary, fire, medical emergencies with the best 24/7 monitoring available.

Additionally, we proudly donate 5% of total profits to the Charities Association.

Combat Disabled-Veteran Owned

The Founder grew up with an unshakeable patriotism and sense of duty to his country and community.  Peter Hemerlein honorably served his country both overseas and here domestically during multiple states of emergency.  In 2022, Peter began American Family Security, LLC to offer the value of safety, protection and home monitoring services and automation and video products to our local community.

After 5 deployments in various combat zones, totaling 6 years over a 15-year career, Peter has seen the worst humanity has to offer.  At American Family Security, we make it our mission each day to offer products, monitoring services and free risk mitigation consultations which help stop, deter or reduce any chance of harm to you, your family, family pets and your valuable property.

Call today and get the home alarm system with monitoring that your family deserves.

ADT Authorized Dealer

In 2022, we became an ADT Authorized Dealer.  Our number 1 goal is providing the very best service, next-generation, future-compatible products and most reliable 24/7 monitoring service to ensure the best value and safety to our customers.  ADT is the obvious choice.  ADT offers a product line of the newest and most advanced life and home safety equipment and devices.  Through our partnership, we are able to offer the very best equipment on the market with full ADT Control App integration, the very best monitoring service available, and offer all this at a drastically reduced rate because we don’t need the inflated profit margins to cover the expense of a crippling company overhead.