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Easy Guide to Sensor Selection


Door & Window Sensors

– Count your exterior doors.  Include the door from inside into the garage & any side garage doors you have. 

– Count your ground-level windows which open.  Include any other vulnerable windows (near walls, trees, etc).

  Lots of windows in one room?  Save on cost & cover the entire room with a Motion Detector (caveats apply – so ask us).

Motion Detectors

– Count the larger, open areas of your home.  Typically, this is your
Living/Dining area, Kitchen/Family room area, & halls. 
  Motion Detectors see heat signatures against cooler areas & not effective over 90+ degrees (F).


Smoke & Smoke/CO2 Detectors

CO2/Smoke & Smoke/Heat Detectors are mandatory life-saving devices. Your pets can’t dial 911 if a phone charger catches fire while you’re gone. Do NOT leave your Family and pets at risk & be another statistic.  The more coverage, the better.
– Traditionally, Smoke/Heat/CO2 detectors are mounted in bedrooms, halls, living rooms & family rooms.
This isn’t an area you want to save money on.  These save lives.

Glass Break Detectors

For areas with multiple or non-opening windows, we recommend Glass Break detectors.  With a range up to 25′ line of sight, just 1x GB may cover a large area, but curtains & drapes may reduce