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Why us?

We are locally and independently owned – this means all revenue gets recycled back into OUR local economy.  As an Independent ADT Authorized Dealer, we’re able to offer all the newest, future-compatible ADT App-Controlled Smart devices with the very best 24/7 monitoring available, and without the crippling overhead of huge corporations.  This means HUGE savings to you.  Our Security Systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with all our Home Automation devices and HD Wi-Fi Cameras that will provide you and your family with the safety, security and convenience they deserve – especially during long hours away from home.

Who are we?

American Family Security was founded by former Phoenix Police Officer, Combat-Disabled Veteran (Bomb Tech/EOD), Husband & Father, Pete Hemerlein. Having operated in Iraq, Afghanistan & surrounding nations over multiple tours of combat, totaling almost 6 years deployed with the US Army and as a Military Contractor, Peter has lived a life of service to country and community.  In 2017, Pete sustained injury when his driver rolled his armored SUV during ambush while operating in ISIS-held Mosul (Iraq).  Pete was then sent home for emergency surgery and decided it’s time to build a life and family at home with the Phoenix Police Dept.  In 2021, Peter resigned for family reason (honorably) and found a different way to serve.  At American Family Security, we are honored for the trust you’ve placed in us to give you & your family the protection they deserve.

IN ADDITION to the near zero-profit deals we only offer PHX Police & PLEA Members, we pledge an irrevocable donation of $100 to PLEA Charities for every new residential monitoring system installed & activated by PLEA Members AND 5% of total company profits annually.

You can’t put a price on the safety and lives of your family – help us donate more and let us hook you up.  We got your 6.


  • Active or Ret Phoenix Police or PLEA Member
  • Own your home or reside in family member’s home
  • Not under contract or ever defaulted on ADT contract

Home Automation & HD Cameras

Our Home Automation and HD Cameras provide massive convenience, safety, and peace of mind.  You will be able to control your integrated devices and view live-feed from your cameras with the ADT Control App while on shift or away on vacation.  We carry newest Smart devices, including Wi-Fi Thermostats, Garage Door Control Modules, Dimmable Lamp Modules, color-changing LED Smart Lightbulbs, HD Doorbell Cameras, 1080p Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras with a Talk/Listen function and even Smart Door Locks that you can unlock/lock from the App.

All of our devices seamlessly integrate with the system and may be controlled remotely with the ADT Control-App.  Devices can be set to a schedule or trigger any other devices automatically.  Your cameras can be set to turn on the lights when it senses motion, or when the garage door opens, it can instantly adjust the A/C and unlock your side door.  Configurations aren’t just endless, its also super easy to set up.  

Need help with what you need?  Check out our ‘Easy Sensor’ guide below:

PPD & PLEA Member-ONLY Deals





ADT Remote Alarm Monitoring

7” Touch-Screen wall/desk mount Panel
5x Door/Window Sensors
1x Pet-Immune Motion Sensor
1x Smoke Detector
- ADT Control App-Controlled Arm & Disarm
2-Way Voice Enabled

$99 installation fee





Monitoring & Home Automation

7” Touch-Screen wall/desk mount Panel 2x
5x Door/Window Sensors
1x Pet-Immune Motion Sensor
1x Smoke Detector
1x Z-Wave Lamp Modules (dimmable)

PLUS Choose *TWO* of the following:

1x App-controlled Thermostat
1x Garage Door Control Module
1x Remote Door Lock (+$35)
2x Additional Z-Wave Lamp Modules (dimmable)

-Control all devices on ADT Control-App & Panel
-App-Controlled Remote Arm/ Disarm

$99 installation fee

Video & Monitoring

7” Touch-Screen wall/desk mount Panel
5x Door/Window Sensors
1x Pet-Immune Motion Sensor
1x Smoke Detector
2x Indoor Wi-Fi 1080P HD Cameras
1x Google Nest Doorbell *OR* 1x Additional Indoor Camera

-Cameras Feature Live View/ Talk/ Listen with App
-App-Controlled Remote Arm/ Disarm
-Auto-Saves up to 6,000 clips per month
-Relocate as you like, just plug in to any outlet

$99 installation fee

Customize your Package!

Build your own package to view your quote –  click submit & we’ll contact you shortly.
For  help with what sensors & detectors you need, click HERE.

Basic Package Includes:
- ADT AIO7 Security Panel
- Starter set of Sensors & Detectors
- Home Automation / Video Equipment Bundle
- Customize Package Below with Instant Quote

  -  7” HD Touch-Screen Interface
  -  HD Camera Integrated, which snapshot users with each Disarm
  -  Dual-Path Communication with 4G LTE & Wi-Fi for redundancy
  -  Supports up to 99 User Codes, 220 Sensors and 3 Partitions.
  -  24hr Battery Backup included in case of power loss or tampering
  -  Control all Home Automation and Scenes from your panel
  -  Can be Wall-Mounted or set on a Counter with our desk-top kit
                then just unplug & enjoy the ability to relocate as you please

Devices Included:

3x Door / Window Sensors
1x Pet-Immune Motion Detector
1x Smoke Detector


2x Indoor Wi-Fi 1080p Cameras
2x Dimmable Lamp Modules
1x Google Nest HD Doorbell
1x Remote Garage Door Module


only $99 installation fee

not including additional selections below

1Customer info
2Sensors & Detectors
3Home Automation
4Video Devices
Customer info

Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the country and growing each day. Keep your Home and Family safe as with more people come more crime.